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Free Notary Services

When you need to have a document notarized, call (412) 553-3100 to let us know you are coming to the credit union because there is only one notary in the office. Notary services are available at no cost to members only. You may need to present valid identification. Please note that we cannot notarize any documents that were signed in advance.

If you have a question about any credit union service call 412-553-3100.

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Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction

It’s the free and safe way to automatically deposit your entire net pay, Social Security, or pension check(s) into your credit union account. Take the hassle out of special trips to the bank and stop worrying about a lost, stolen, or mail-delayed check. Your money is automatically transferred and immediately available on the deposit date.

To deposit funds into your checking account you will need a voided check. Then, you will need to give the company the credit union routing number (243083198) and your account number located after the routing number in the bottom left-hand corner of your check (next 11 digits).

To deposit funds to your savings account, you will need the credit union routing number (243083198), plus your complete savings account number, including the three-digit account suffix. For example, if your account number is 12345-000, you would use: 12345000.

With free payroll deduction available thru select employer groups, you can have a portion(s) of your direct deposit routed to other credit union accounts. It’s another convenient way to manage your money. You can use this free service to make deposits into to your Share (Savings) Account, CDs, or Club Accounts. It’s the no excuses way to save.

Conveniently Order Checks Online

To order checks online, stop by the credit union or call 412-553-3100. Once your account is activated, you can select your check design and place your first order.

If you need to reorder checks now, simply click below.

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Money Orders

You can conveniently purchase the money orders you need at the credit union.

U.S. Savings Bonds

You can redeem your savings bonds at the credit union.

Wire Transfers/Western Union

Send and receive funds by wire transfer. For full details, call or stop by the credit union.