SecurLOCK Equip App

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SecurLOCK Equip App for Debit Cards


Do you wish you had a way to view all the details about your Alcoa Pittsburgh FCU debit card? We’ve got you covered! SecurLOCK Equip is available now!

Available features:

-Turn your debit card on and off with just a touch.

-Control preferences: restrict or allow certain locations, certain merchants, certain transactions, and certain spend limits. (Great for traveling!!)

-Receive alerts for: all transactions (default), certain locations, certain merchants, certain transactions, and certain spend limits.

-See recent transactions and all activity.

-Change your user information.

-Add more than 1 Alcoa Pittsburgh FCU debit card to your app.

**View the following PDF document to see how to setup your app: How to Setup Your Debit Card on the SecurLOCK Equip App


Monitor your debit card right from your cell phone!


Recent App Updates:

-Touch Login is updated to include Apple Face ID and Android Fingerprint and has been enhanced for a better user experience
-One-time Override feature will allow the user to manually override a declined transaction based on card control settings
-Enhanced Location Controls- Block International has been updated to allow for a User-Defined Country of Residence and the ability to add other countries to be allowed
-Additional cards are easier to see, which reminds the user that there are other cards they can swipe to manage. The ability to add a card has also been added here by swiping to that card screen
-Enhanced transaction receipts- Provide users with the ability to rate the card control application
-Ability to invite another user to use the application
-Language, content, and labels have been changed to provide users with more clarity
-Reduced usage of section-based tips, reducing clutter on the screen for a cleaner look
-In Alert Preferences, “Preferred Transactions” alerts will now be called “Selected Transactions” alerts