Best Gifts For Kids


We live in a material world, where kids are used to “stuff” and parents are all too happy to buy it for them. So where are the memories? Certainly not behind the tablets and video games or the knick-knacks you constantly have to pick up for them. When was the last time you did something with your child that they will carry with them into adulthood?

Gifts that foster family togetherness and grow memories are some of the best gifts you can offer. According to Annie Leonard on The Story of Stuff Project, the goal shouldn’t be more “stuff.” The focus should be on doing things better. She calls this a “game-changing solution.”

So how can you change the game in your family? Rather than continue to contribute to the piles of “stuff” your child already has in his or her room (and really, is there any room for more?), try finding gifts that involve spending time together and building memories. The best part is that these gifts often cost less than the electronics and dust-collectors you used to buy. Here are just a few ideas:

  • A trip to an athletic game. Does your child love basketball or softball? Give him or her a homemade gift certificate to one of your local college’s next games. And then attend the event together!
  • Have a hobby that interests your family? Take a group lesson or class. Golf, skiing or snowboarding, tennis, cooking, scuba diving – there are so many activities you can enjoy as a whole family. Not only are you learning something, but you’re spending quality time together, which is something your children will never forget.
  • Attend a play or concert together. Tickets can be pricey, but last-minute deals on websites such as Groupon or Living Social often have half-price options.
  • Volunteer! What better way to give to your child than teaching the gift of giving back?

The best part of all these gift ideas is that not only do you get to spend time together, none of these activities contribute to cluttering up your home. So stop buying gifts of “stuff” and find activities that will build memories your child will treasure forever.