Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, & Android Pay


Apple Pay is making paying in stores and within apps easier and safer than ever before! No need to carry a number of different cards in your wallet, they can all be a touch away. Your card details are never shared when you use Apple Pay — in fact, they aren’t stored on your device at all — using Apple Pay on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad is the safer and more private way to pay.

To set up your Alcoa Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union Visa® Credit or Debit Card simply add your card(s) into Apple’s Wallet application. You can set up multiple cards and simply select the card you wish to use during the transaction.

To use your Alcoa Pittsburgh Federal Credit Union Visa® Credit or Debit Card, simply hold your iPhone near the contact-less reader with your finger on the Touch ID. Or, you can double-click the Home button when your iPhone is locked to access Wallet and quickly make your purchases. Your card number is never stored on your device, and when you pay, your debit or credit card numbers are never sent to merchants. Apple Pay assigns a unique number for each purchase, so your payments stay private and secure.

Depending on your device, we have got you covered! We now offer Samsung Pay and Android Pay to our members.